Hello everyone, this is my first blog and here is a little about me and what is going not so good with my poker journey.

          I have been playing poker since a lil more than 10 years and I have had great runs and lots of dowswings as well.  Those ups and downs have made me more nervous about my play and the fact of losing money- which is affecting my play and I am well aware of it .

          I have started to use pokerschool as my new POWER tool in order in improve my POKER play and hopefully counterfight this fear of losing more money. I am opened minded to anyone who could help me with this brain that needs to be shifted towards great play instead of just fear of losing my cash. And I also would appreciate if anyone could guide me a little through bankroll management with a BR of roughly 500$. My favorite games are SNG holdem NL , limit holdem and stud 7cards in ring games.

Thank you for your time and advises