I am back in the Open PSO League for the second time since the new system started.  And this time it’s not my fault!
The requirements for retaining your Premier ticket is to place in the top 800 and spend enough to get a minimum of 20VPP’s within the month.  If you’re a higher roller and get 150VPP’s, your potential payout is larger.  Seems simple enough.
January was a fairly down month for poker wins for me, in particular the Premier games.  I wasn’t spending as much because of my losing streak but wasn’t concerned because I didn’t think I would have a shot at a ticket for February anyway.  Then a miracle happened and I started to move up the ranks near the end of the month.  All of a sudden, making my 20VPP’s seemed worthwhile!
So on January 31st, I plugged away at getting the last few VPP’s I needed.  Because I’m so frugal (cheap) it took me until just before midnight my time to get past 20.  When I checked my Cashier, I had 20.02VPP’s.  Whew, just under the wire.  Or so I thought.
I did not receive my Premier ticket for February like I expected so I thought I must not have made the cut.  I ranked 806 which, when you filter out anyone who didn’t get 20VPP’s, is good enough for a pass.  So that made me one of the one’s who didn’t get the VPP’s!  But how could that be, I wondered.  Of course, Pokerstars is 2 hours ahead of me and anything I spent after 10:00pm it seems was added to this months totals.  Fan-freekin-tastic!
I can’t really blame Pokerstars though, that’s the way it is.  I could have played more throughout the month.  However, I don’t think playing games for more money on January 31st would have helped, because I really only started my push for VPP’s after 9:00pm my time, and the VPP’s don’t seem to calculate until the game is finished.
I’m back in the Open league and having a good time.  The game play seems to be more fun and less serious/stressful than the Premier league.  Maybe that’s my own perception, but no one has berated me for not pushing on my ‘nuts’ or otherwise playing incorrectly in the Open games.  I’m ranked 675th and in line for .50 cents.  If I play consistently for the rest of the month, I’m confident I can place higher.
I have no intention of getting 20VPP’s this month.  Or the next.  I like the Open games.  They’re more fun, as mentioned, but also at a better time for me.  If I place 1st in the Open, I’ll win $100.00 without getting 20VPP’s.  Of course if I do have my VPP’s the payout is much higher, but free money is free money. 
I am slightly annoyed by the whole situation, especially considering I was only 1 or 2 VPP’s shy of the mark before the cutoff time.  So I’ve decided to remain in the Open league at least until I place in the top 3 in the rankings.  Then I’ll decide if I want to make the leap to Premier.  Who knows, maybe by then I’ll actually be good!