My first year of online poker is in the books and it seems like the best time to do that ‘Year In Review’ thing. 
I started playing on PokerStars very early 2011 with the play money, PSO and other free league games.  Remember NAPL and the satellites to the “Big Game”?  Fun times.
Remember when the FBI cracked down on the American players and the manure hit the ventilation so to speak?  I remember quite clearly and all because of the Big Game.
It was just the weekend before; I actually qualified to the Final holding table.  After months of fighting through all those levels of qualifiers I actually had a chance to be the Loose Cannon on TV!  Woohoo!  Then sadly, the FBI came and that was the end of the Big Game. 
I’ve been in and out and in and maybe back out again of the Premiere PSO league since it replaced the original PSO league.  It’s been a great teacher through the year and I look forward to seeing all those familiar names around the poker table in 2012!  I’ve had a lot of fun playing on the Astronomer free rolls too and love playing all the variations and styles of poker.  There’s a bigger world than Hold ‘Em out there.
After tallying up the final numbers, I can say my first year of poker has been successful.  After a couple months on the free roll and play money tables, my good friend elron66 bankrolled me $5.00 thus starting my adventure into real money poker.  Initially my bankroll bobbed up and down until I need another $5.00 installment to keep me going.  I received another $15.00 later in the year for a total backing of $25.00.
I’m happy to say that I’m starting the New Year with my own bankroll.  After paying back the $25.00, I start Jan 1st with a balance of $25.55 of my own money.  Hopefully I can announce a much higher profit this time next year.  I’m already off to a promising start after winning .46 free cents in the WR2 on New Year’s day.  It’s not the $200 top prize yet but it will be soon!
Happy New Year everyone!  Good luck on the tables in 2012 and may all your aces be paired.