My very good friend and backer, among other things, told me about a $5.00 Bankroll 25cent tournament challenge that he heard about from an online PSO video. 
Of course being lazy, I didn’t actually watch the video but the challenge sounded interesting enough to try. 
I’m sure we’ve bastardized the original telling of the tale but essentially we started a spreadsheet to track all the 25c tournaments we enter, with a starting bankroll of $5.00.  Sounds simple enough.  We’ve had some discussions on if it should include other micro tourney’s (No, at least not yet) and if it should include the larger MTT’s as well as the 45 and 90 person games (I say yay, he says nay).  The goal is to reach $100.00.
Long story short, in the eight days I’ve been partaking of the Challenge, I have finally spent my first $5.00 in games.  The good news is I’ve made $6.78 placing in 5 out of 20 tournaments played.  Hurray, I’m $1.78 ahead … for now. 
There are several lessons I’ve learned already from this experience.  The first is don’t lose hope and keep playing your game; it took ten tournaments before I placed in the money.  I was starting to think I’d blow through my whole bankroll before I placed! 
The next is bankroll management, which I think was the point of the video.  You’d have to go watch it to find out more… Or take up the challenge yourself and find out how fast $5.00 can be spent even on 25cent games!
And of course with every hand and every game I learn more about poker and how to play, where to be aggressive and double up and where to fold that damn AKo to live another round. 
So, off to a good start.  I hope the next $5.00 spent is even more profitable and I can’t wait to beat the challenge and build my bankroll to $100.00!
Good Luck!