Not all player's are created equal!
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    " Once a Pansy, Always a Pansy"
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♥ Manager~ Mis T Fire (Misty)
Twitter: @PSPokerPansies

I would like to welcome all to join WSOP Pansies Home game, and follow us on Twitter! Join the ORGINAL home game to a VIP Club!

  ( by special club invite only)

Where all larger buy in tournaments are held. After you pay entry fee by transfering funds to myself, I will send you a passcode where tournament is held. This prevents "stragglers" from joining who havent paid to enter.

There will also be Bounty Tournaments scheduled in WSOP Pansies. To keep up with all events please read wall.
I would like to welcome any one who is competitive to join this club. Don't let the name fool you! Any one who thinks they roll with the best is welcome to up your game here. WSOP Pansies offers nightly tournaments back to back with active games. We also offer larger buy in tournaments listed in a separate club to prevent "stragglers" from joining games.

You will find a Poker Mentor also in this club who is willing to take on new players and mentor them. He has the credentials to back it up and you can read more about him on clubs wall. WSOP Pansies offers some of the most competitive "free" online tournaments. The intesity can get overbearing as tournaments are scheduled back to back. Most players have been hand selective to keep it very competitive! Who knows you may even find an occasional Poker Stars Professional here! Keep your eyes open!  I welcome any curiosity about this club!

 WSOP Pansies