Well i finally won a tickett into RAGS TO RICHES rd2 and im thinking i should play in rd2 seeing the only time i have cash in my account is when i win the $3.40 tickett in the warm up and 3 ticketts ive unregistered and ended up pulling all nighters on the micro tourney s although i did place 7th in the 55 cent 45 player for $1.00 lol . I'm  wondering what others do w/ thier 3.40 I've won now 3 x's now and im thinkin thier has to be a smarter way to make them work for my start of a bank roll . So anyone know a better way or should i just play in the $3.40 tourny and try my luck there , I would appreciate anyones input on what maybe they did or how they made thier bankroll work from nothing.                                       JIM