When i started PSO I wasnt sure how I was going to do so I set a goal : to be ranked under 1000  in my first month and have reached that in 11  tourneys and before i knew how the scoring worked I know I exited way early cause I was burnt or just felt like doing something else id say at least 2 of the 11 that I played in I know now not to join if im not gonna give it a 100% , Not to mention going all in w/ some crap hand looks kinda bad/ donkish but other then that I'm learning alot ,playing w/ some good people as well as players I am looking foward to my 1rst deposit hopefully soon w/ xmas and all maybe not so soon . The times are tuff everywhere for alot of people . Do any of the pro poker players need a sparring partner to beat up on I'll work for chips & lunch even ? Or put a good word for any of the PSO members that qualified for MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE or THE BIG GAME which  I qualified for both . Man wouldn't that be sweet  bout now a million bucks $$$$$$$ hell I'd settle for a pack of smokes lately .      MinikinNV
as of Dec 15 2010

  Username Whitestar Prize   Active Prize Qualified Score   964 Rank down 5 le-marile yes $0     $3.00 yes 1603.37   964 Rank down 5 billh1947 yes $0     $3.00 yes 1603.37 966 Rank up 482 MinikinNV yes $0     $3.00 yes 1603.27   967 Rank down 5 usmc0481   $0   yes $3.00 yes 1603.19   968 Rank down 5 big_divot   $0   yes $3.00 yes 1603.14