I just donked out of the PSO 1pm EST tourney.

In 1039th place (out of 1234).

A blowup worthy of Mike Matusow.

It wasn't even a good call.  Raised AQ in middle-to-late position, 2 callers (LP and SB).  flop was 234 rainbow, so I have a gutshot and overcards.  1 caller goes all-in, 1 fold and it comes back to me.

I figure, he's just going all-in because he doesn't care about the PSO grind.

But no, he has 55, which is a very reasonable hand to go all-in with.  Turn and river bring no help, and I'm out 1039th.

I'm in 20th place on the monthly leaderboard right now, as of March 15.  I'll probably drop 20 or more places because of this, and also this pretty much negates my 5th place finish from last night.

If there's one important thing PSO teaches, it's patience and how to fold.  Eagerness to play leads to ruin.

I titled my blog accidentally, but I think it's a good reminder of what I need to improve, and I hope it'll one day be a permanent reminder of how much I've improved.