Well after a week of winning at 27BB/100 and thinking I had 2NLs measure with my eyes shut I've come back down to earth and started to remember why Poker is a game I love but also hate with a passion.

I moved through the $100 profit mark quickly and could see the $225 goal in the not too distant future and the move up to 5NL. Unfortunately, every kind of bad beat has hit me since, with no small lack of stacking off too lightly myself thrown in as frustration has built. In the next 10 days or so I have actualy lost ground (or at least moved back to where I was when I last graphed my progress) at around the $75 profit mark and still a way off moving up to 5NL.

Not sure if I have changed what was working or whether I am just having a poor run - perhaps a combination of both. I stemmed the bleeding a little the past few days and was just having a nice little session now until I lose 3 big pots (full stacks) with a minute which has led me to stop, have a think about why I have stalled and create this post.

As for those hands:

TT flop T82 - all in v 88. River 8.

QQ flop Qxx - all in v AK. Turn J, River T.

KK - Bet in front of me, I 3b, player behind shoves - AA.


One step forward and three back this past 7-10 days.A little despressing as I thought I would cruise through 2NL at the very least. Especially the way I started.


So here's the graph from October 28th onwards and you can see I continued the previous winning ways for a while but it has all grounded to a halt.


And here's the overall challenge graph so far.