So the challenge is to really grind through the levels - EVERY level. With a $50 deposit starting at 2NL and absolutely maintaining great bankroll management through each level and clearly being a winner at that level before moving up. Having not ventured below $5NL for a very long time and usually playing 10NL and 25NL, I will admit it was with much trepidation that I started what might be a painfully long and slow grind. 


For those unfamiliar with the path I'm following, google "Stairway to highstakes" to get the idea. Essentially, to move from 2NL to 5NL I need to turn $50 into $275. Now 137.5 buy ins at 2NL is obviously over doing it but the notion is to cash out at every level along the way as a reward (and to ensure I really am winning at the previous level before moving up) so when I move to 5NL I will only have a BR of $150 and will have cashed out $125 (in increments, rather than one hit). 

Happy to say that in week 1 I did make enough to reach the first cash out. When I had hit $110 the intention was to withdraw $50 but then it occurred to me that I need to not withdraw until I've earned what I need to get the matching deposit bonus. So for now, no cashouts. The way I'm looking at it though, the target is $275 before moving up if I can't cash out before then. Obviously earning points at 2NL is slow going.

Anyway - here's the giraffe. Really happy with it seeing as I had those negative thoughts about 2NL. The main focus has been folding with discpline, betting for value and abusing the button. I'm finding that having a healthy bankroll relative to the stake I'm playing is really great for my mindset  in making the right decisions and in also avoiding tilt when things haven't gone my way.