Hello guys, and welcome to my blog.



I decided to open this to track my results. I will post everyday hands, graphs etc.

I started to play poker some years ago my main game were sit and gos.

I quit poker for some times but since I moved in London I started again on full tilt playing SnGs there.

I made a deposit of 10$ and started grinding. Here is my graph



Running good I made my hundred bucks and I decided to move to PS.

I started to play 1.5$ SnGs but it didnt go well as I expected.

Here is my PS SnGs graph

I tilted a lot for this result. What happened to my game? Only god knows.

Then I moved to cash again and here is my tilting graph again

I run in godmode for the first 30k hands I had 31bb/100 and then something happened. I started to lose a lot of hands, I get called too much, my cbets are not respected.

I Keep jumping between nl2 and nl10.

I study many hours everyday to find my leaks. I need a coach but I cant afford it yet.

I was thinking about a stacking to play not being money scared.

You can also find many hands on boom here http://www.boomplayer.com/u/Mind_V_Gap

The most funny hand I played is this one and I want to know villain's thinking process LOL

Thank you guys