Well, I missed out on the Big Bang this month.

So what happened? I decided to go hang out with some old friends last night and although my initial plan was to get home before 1am, stocked with food and energy drinks and ready to play I realised that instead I could download the mobile app and play the tournament on my phone meaning that I didn't have to sober up and drive home immediately. Fantastic.

Unfortunately I completely underestimated how tired I was. I took a nap at about midnight with the intention of waking up and grabbing a coffee etc. half an hour later but slept straight through the phone alarm that I set all the way until a bit after 4am, meaning that not only did I miss out on the big bang but the chromestar freeroll for the week as well!

image from http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/

Pretty gut-wrenching and I've only got myself to blame for it.


Plenty of lessons learnt from this though:

-Don't become inebriated the night before a tournament, even if it's a freeroll.

-Don't attempt to take a half hour nap if you've already been awake for more than 15 or so hours, or rather don't expect your body to co-operate very well when you try to wake up from it!

-If you're setting a phone alarm under those circumstances, make sure the volume is maxed out so that it actually wakes you up.


Not much else to say about that really. I'm grateful for the opportunity to play in that tournament and devastated that I squandered it. It's one of the best payout structures of any tournament and has the added bonus of getting to rail on/play against the other PSO entrants. I certainly won't be missing out on it like that again.


Updates on progress:

Bankroll's sitting at just over $170 (crushed March goals after the MMMEcash) and my last few attempts at 5NL have been breakeven/light losses at worst despite strings of bad beats (Over $15 now lost from aces all in preflop being cracked by KK or QQ) which is comforting.

Also I won't be making silverstar this month. I didn't really start playing until over a week into April (personal reasons) and now I'm a bit too far behind to make such a thing feasible. I'll aim to hit Chromestar again this month and keep my BR growing so that I can hit the gates running for a good May.



On the plus side, I now have the Pokerstars phone app. It lacks a HUD obviously but supports multi-tabling and zoom so should be a great way to help me rack up VPP's while I'm on the bus to uni or too lazy to get out of bed or whatever