The opportunity to play in a tournament with a big prize pool is always a thrilling one, and as a microstakes player each opportunity that I get to play in such a tournament represents a chance to not only increase my bankroll but make it explode!


As I had just started up with uni, I didn't have much time to get really stuck into many of the events, but had a lot of fun with what I did get involved with. 

I have to say that I LOVE the zoom tourney format. It's completely chaotic and makes for many tough spots where you have to rely on good poker skills, intuition and little else. (Also it means you can use the same lines against opponents time and time again without being caught out!). I managed to get into the $5.50 zoom tourney for a buyin of only 50FPP which was fantastic although I busted out of it after only a couple hours or so, throwing all my chips into the middle as a >60/40 favourite. Certainly an interesting game format though and I will be giving more of those tourneys a go in the future.

Of course the real reason Micromillions has been great for me was because of a PSO promotion. You know the one. Free entry into the main event.

Perfoming strongly in our freeroll are you? Here's $22 to gamble in a real tournament!

I feel like someone that's been talent scouted and allowed to play in the big leagues for a day!

In the end after a hectic start and a long wait through an icy cold patch, I managed to find the right spots to chip up before one of the biggest bubbles of any poker game I've played so far and sneak through the gates for a min cash. Normally you want to ramp up aggression near the bubble to take advantage of the weaker small stacks, but I was one of those small stacks, and the bankroll gain was too severe for me to give up. 

It's just a min-cash, but what it really means for me is an opportunity to really try to properly move up stakes into 5NL where I'm being constantly challenged to improve and not just mindlessly value betting fish. And needless to say the difference in VPP's etc. is huge! Now I should have no problem whatsoever making Chromestar every month meaning that I can get involved in their $5K freerolls. It's exciting and it's all thanks to the promotions that were part of MM4.


In summary, MicroMillions HAS been great!