After about 5 hours of play following less than that of sleep I managed to hold out long enough in the Micromillions ME to min cash! Normally a min cash isn't very exciting but when that represents about a 50% boost to your bankroll you can't help but feel chuffed!



Things started off pretty poorly, with me losing a good chunk of my stack only a few hands in.

I'd been messing around with a trail version of PT4 and fortunately had managed to get a tournament HUD up and working by then. What made that awesome was that I ended up playing over 100 hands with most of the people at my table while the blinds were still low. Soon I had enough info and went to work extracting as many chips from the fish as I could.

Against any other villain, this hand would be a fold on the river, but I knew that this guy was regularly playing agressively with second pair/no draw or worse.

Then to rub salt in the wound my first big 'cooler' ends up being against the same villain from the previous two hands.


From there things were pretty stable for me. I ran cold for an hour or so and then started finding solid hands to shove with 10-15BB left. AKs, QQ, etc. No one ever called my big hands though, leaving me picking up blinds for the best part.

As the bubble approached I tried to find spots to really get agressive and chip up but was moved to a table between a few big stacks. Frustrating.

Eventually this happened:

Villain 1 shows his cards when he folds, he has AJ. 

Dodged a bullet . . .

After that I folded my way to a min cash for a round of the table, being too scared to risk all my work/luck up until that point. Left with only 5 or so BB I managed to double up once but then tried to get cheeky with J8s and got caught right out.

I was thinking that V4 was unlikely to have much and that if I reshoved the other guy might fold some of his range and I was going to be a 30%ish to triple up at worst. NOPE.

'Some people' can't play consistently well for over 5 hours . . just glad that I made it that long.


BR ~$160, way ahead of my monthly goal, should be on target to make chromestar this month too!

GL at the tables,