Just a quick update for the middle of March. I've started trying my luck at 2c/5cNL and had a few great hands go my way and along with Cash bonuses etc. my BR is at a more healthy $124. Woo!

I decided to join a 50FPP sat. for the event 4 micromillions, (75k zoom). Was ridiculously lucky as the bubble approached, picking up KK about 3 times in a dozen hands. Unfortunately my luck didn't continue in the actual event, losing my first flip of the tournament well before the bubble.

To be fair it was a bad spot to have shoved, and I would have been able to pick up some easy chips if I had just done a light 3-bet or even seen the aceless flop. So although I did get my chips in as a favourite, I think that one can probably be scrubbed down to bad play. 

I have to say that I'm a huge fan of the zoom tourneys though. They're really fast paced(duh) and keep you on your toes looking for any spots you can over a huge volume of hands. Very keen for event 29 if I manage to get back from work in time for the late registration.


In more recent news, this hand just happened:

One of those hands that definitely makes you feel like a genius or an idiot, depending on which side of villain's uber-polarised range you're on! Fortunately I got the levelling correct that time, but it was probably a bad call given the huge range of cards (66+, 7x, 9x, Qx) that were ahead of me. 

I'm sorry for not respecting your bluff mister villain, but thanks for the $5