Disregard this blog post. I've since received a refund for this tourney and think that I overreacted.

Would delete but don't know how to delete blog posts.



For those that didn't hear, the final $11 qualifier for the sunday million lagged to hell. End result was getting to play one hand per blind level right up until the average stack in the field was just over 2.5 big blinds.



Naturally a shovefest ensued and I was knocked out after only getting to play a grand total of 17 hands. Picking up almost all of the dead money and putting my chips in as the favourite until I had only 1.5 big blinds and was forced to shove all in with a pair of 5's. What really bothers me is that I really brought my a-game but it ended up being for naught when everyone was flipping to double up with atc and sucking out. I know that that's variance, and that's poker etc. but if the tournament had only played with its normal structure then maybe I could have afforded to lose a single flip.


You know what really sucks though? All those poor people who paid up $11 only to have the blinds move up and force them all in before they could even get a hand worth playing. (I only managed to play 17 hands and that was including stealing more than my buyin worth of blinds. I can only too easily imagine that several hundred people didn't so much as see an ace or a king before having to stack off.) Pokerstars needs to make sure that kind of bs doesn't occur again. At least it seems to be fixed now.


Feeling so agitated I decided to throw caution to the wind and join up to a $1.65+R satellite immediately after that fiasco.

10 hands in I get a playable hand.


I think I'll take a break from MTT's for a while.