Well a few days have passed so I think I'm ready to talk about it now.


I had a terrible last week of Feb. After grinding my way back up to mid $90's and closing in on getting enough VPP's to land myself Chromestar for a second month I hit a nasty downswing. What made it all the worse was at that time I'd changed my game from playing 9-max tables to 6-max tables with auto-rebuy.

Wound up with $86 and no VIP bonus to show for it.

On top of this I wanted to take a shot at the sunday million (who doesn't?!) and had a go for $1 trying to get into the $11 satellite. This particular game was so hilariously awful that I just have to share it.

I couldn't have asked for a luckier start despite throwing my chips in in a terrible spot.

And that luck continued, soon I was ranked #1 out of about 150 people left, sitting pretty at 12000 chips before the blinds had even hit 100/200. Awesome. I continued to play relatively agressively and bullied the blinds away from the shorter stacks, occasionally getting lucky and knocking them out too.

Then just before the break I had a hand go my way perfectly.

So to clarify. I've now bumped my stack up to 26000+ chips. The satellite is awarding 22 entries and there are less than 50 people left. I could basically fold my way into a ticket now.


Then one circuit of the table later:

Left with less than 2 Big Blinds I shove and lose 2 hands later with QTs

22 tickets awarded.

Minor cash prizes for 23rd and 24th.

I'm knocked out in 25th.

Lesson? Don't take big flips when you're sitting on a comfortable stack and could potentially fold your way to a win! It's a really obvious lesson but one I had to learn the hard way. Hopefully you haven't had to learn that one the hard way yourself reader.


All that killed my motivation to play poker for a few days which is why I never sat down and grinded my last 20 or so VPP's needed for the month (to make chromestar). Still, since then I managed to make it into the $11 satellite for the 7thASM later on and have had a light winning session (only one 71/29 flip gone wrong!) to start off March. Hell, it was only a dollar wasted in the end and I've won it back anyway