Hello to everyone on PSO! 

I've been considering starting a bit of writing on the side as a means of setting myself some goals and documenting my progress for some time but the incentive of having an audience to potentially fail in front of (if hubris allowed) never quite seemed to cut it.  Then I discovered the WBCOOP. Free entry into 10 tournaments with lots of $T at stake? Sounds awesome!

Alas, the T&C require that I already have had an up and running blog prior to now but I'll be damned if I'm going to miss out on further opportunities for the sake of procrastinating about something I was eager to get on with doing anyway.

So, a bit of background. After reluctantly joining in to a few live STT's with friends that are poker nuts (usually $10 buy ins with $30-50 first prizes), I managed to suck out and win over and over, building up well over a hundred dollars very quickly. Some of my plays in the first few games were downright embarrassing. We're talking about things like calling two different people's all-ins with J4o and tripling up because I hit trip 4's. However it got me interested in poker and from then I've wanted more and more to learn to play well, especially if it meant making money off of fun nights out. I ended up finding tutorials on youtube for things like hand ranges in cash games, and soon decided to try my luck online.

I threw $50 on to an account a couple months ago and started with 1/2 zoom and to be honest, I feel like I've come to grips with it reasonably well over the time since. After building a bankroll to ~$70 I hit a wall where I repeatedly kept trying to move up stakes only to lose entire buyins, a  scenario I'm sure many people have been in. Since then I've been sticking with 3 tabling the 1/2c zoom and by playing like as much of a NIT as I can bear, I've managed to build a bankroll up to $90!


Given that I'm happy at this stage that I can go on without losing my whole bankroll, I feel that it's time to set myself some goals for the year. So here's what I'm thinking:

1. Grind up to $100 on 1c2c zoom before the end of Feb. Partly an exercise in discipline here, but i'd like to have earned the following purchase.

1.a Learn to 4 table on zoom. If I can get more VPP's and start moving up the ranks at low risk, that will be ideal. Besides, I have hundreds of VPP's of cash bonuses to collect.

2. Buy either PT or HEM and start moving on to 6-tabling cash games. From a brief stint at Full Tilt where I played cash games I felt like they were generally a lot softer than zoom, and it would (I think) be a great way to start building up my bankroll faster.

3. Grind up to $130 by the end of March. I'll be starting uni again so I'll need to settle into a good routine to fit enough hours of poker in but I feel like this is achievable even with a bit of downswings without being too soft. Obviously if I'm doing very well I'll aim for more.

4. Achieve silverstar status before the end of April. 

5. Achieve goldstar status and a $500 bankroll before the end of the year

(On a side note, not to let any of this impact my uni results poorly)

If you've been generous enough with your time to read through all of this so far, I appreciate it! Let me know if in your experience these are realistic goals to set. I'm thinking that aiming for a rough average of +1$ a day for the coming months at least is a good start. Also, which HUD program do you think is best?