okay so im new to blogging and forums so please bear with me,i've been playing the open league for a few months now with mixed results, a few finishes in the money, last months overall placing 779th. My aims are as follows:
-to improve each month 
 -to make the premier league
-improve my overall tournament play
so far to date my best finish in a open skill league tournament is 2nd place,which i personally found very satisfying,to improve my overall league score i started by analyzing individual tournaments,heres what i've found.
-tournaments are extremely popular with 10000 seats usually filling within 2 minutes of registration start
-approximately 5% of players will sit out and not even play
-the first 45 minutes are very volatile with approximately 70-75% of players busting out in this time
-approximately 5% will struggle to make the 1441 player bubble (first stage of    hand for hand play )
-given that 3000 - 4000 chips will generally get you past the 1441 mark and into the positive side of the pointscore it is a good idea to play fairly tight up to this point.
-once you've made it this far its a good time to start really going for it as you will need the chips to account for the larger blinds coming your way
-the clock is your friend use it to your advantage
take particular note of point five remember the overall aim is to score points.A finishing place of around 600-650 will get you about 40-50 points towards the leaderboard,but busting out 2 or 3 times in the first 1000-2000 players will negate this and undo your hard work.(please note these figures are purely a guide made by my observations whilst playing and from a review of my scores and are not exact but are a  reasonable estimate).
okay so thats it from me for now,i hope new and existing players might find this useful.
GOOD LUCK TO ALL ,see you on the tables.