Mane. Im a beast. I see you hunting the beast. You come with your pitch forks and ya hoes. LOL Give me those hoes... LOL JK Im stupid but your pitch forks and your hoes have no affect on Mile A Minute. I am still here and fighting. This becoming a most wonderful journey. The ups and downs the bad beats and the people I beat bad. Yes You know me now huh? Its not a fluke it's not a joke. Im coming and when I arrive. Dont greet me. Fear me. LOL Classic I know Im him Mr. Classic Himself I mke Wilt Chamberlain look like he was just a girl scout troop LEADER!!!!!!! Unquote ya muscrat mouf havin wanna be me cause Im not naked right now but they wanna see naked every minute of the day....... What does this have to do with poker.. Nothin... LOL it all has to do with me being on pt 12 of the story and it still going and me still on the hunt for first place. As you hunt the beast... Pt 12 is just an intro to part 85. Im the story and I'm going on... I'll see you on the tables... Protect ya chipZ. The story does what.... It goes on and my skills do what.... Go on progressing. Milez!!!!!!!!