I really just want anyone and everyone to weigh in. Tell me in your own definition what the Dunk is to you. I see it throw around the table so much. I was in a game the game I finished 6th place in or one of the games I was just doing well in. But I won a hand and a guy called me a dunk because I played ACE DUCE Suited. So I went back in the hand archive and he had just beat me 3 hands earlier with the same hand.... Ace Duce. So obviously he doesn't know what a dunk is. Correct me if I'm wrong. LOL funny though he didn't talk the rest of th game at least not about that hand or much of anything else... LOL Mile A Minute SO do tell what is this Dunk and break him down for us as I know someone hear uses the term enough to say he knows what he is talkin about...  Weigh in or dunk on anti dunk and dunk alike lets us read what cha write. Inna minute Mile A Minute Milez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!