Yeah I know I had a few typos in the last one. But I figured hey... We are all adults we can make out what he meant. Any how I apparently spoke to soon. I shot from 13000th to 4999th or something around that number.  So I made it to the final table today and lost focus again... That first place spot keeps eluding me. Tell first place I'm looking for em. And he owe me a samich...Yes Samich!

 I know what a little of my problem is. Remember blog one, when I was speaking about my wife? Yeah..... she is still  perturbed just a little. Because in these last three months I haven't taken first place nor have I won anything that she can spend. She said what the H. E. Double hockey sticks am I going to buy wit the two pennies you keep winning. Hey woman I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm stuttering while I'm typing. (Same thing I do when I try to explain it her. LOL) But Dang it woman....  I'm trying to do something OVA HERE... I'll be ova there inna minute, I'm Mile A Minute I find the time ta make it work. But back to the point.  I'm always sidetracked by her yelling at me  to come do something in the middle of good hands or when I have a big stack. So I'm over there, I'm at the computer, I'm over there and all the sudden I get back to the computer and I have called a guy that was bluffin everyone and getting his head busted, but since I wasn't paying attention. I don't notice that his luck had changed and I think he is still bluffin. And you know how this story goes on. BUT don't take this as an excuse because its not by any means. It still boils down to me calling or folding and paying attention to the game if I'm going to play. So I take my lumps and dish em back out when the time is right. As a few have fail victim to. So in closing I need you to know that I am fixing the problem. I'm putting this new strategy along with the old strategy together wit yet another.... strategy.. I'm strategizen ova here and if you have been watching me. You know its paying off..

 And for my faithful readers or if ya just come to see what I'm talking bout... Stay tuned to what I'm playing like. I tried to tell em. They aren't playing against someone that is like something. They are playing against someone that is.... LOL unquote. It goes without saying but you know I gotta say it anyway or I ain't sayin nothin............What does it do. The story. Goes. On....... Protect ya chips!

Inna minute Mile A Minute Milez!!!!!!!!!!

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