It was short lived and but fast and fun. January started out looking like my month but then the clouds came back over Long Beach fast as I can say a rap, and im fast.... I cam out charging for a great finish and lost steam right around when I lost focus and started playing too many hands. I'd say about the 30th game without going and checking. But Que es ok cause the games I did win in the top 500 were games I played emaculently in. I busted heads and came back from all kinds of bad beats and outrageous calls just to see if I was bluffing. I love it. I said I didn't want the target, but that put a bigger target on my handsome face they so desire to see.... LOL LOL 

 So I know what you are saying. "I read your last blog Mile A Minute the one at the beginning of the month and you seemed pretty happy there." I was.. LOL but Hey mane it is in the cards. I don't play to lose, I went from playing tight and alright to lose and a victim to the cards abuse. What can you do, BUT play your cards. As I shall and I shall be back next month with yet a another new strategy until I make the cards do what I want them to do baby..

 Inna minute Mile A Minute Milez!!!!!!!!!!