Hey fellow and fellowette PSO'ers. Another tough month of me using an unorthodox strategy. I'm throwin this strategy AWAY! LOL  Its been a good two months even though I find myself at the bottom AGAIN! Yall are some tough players. And some of yall is just lucky as H.E. double hockey Sticks. Calling all ins with 2,3 and everything else I would like you to fold, but as I said in previous blogs. Play whatever you want and I will do the same. I fear I put the target on my own back though by jibber jabbin  wit you know who, who is a you know what and likes to take, you know I cant say that, in the you know where... LOL But so what... Aim on, fine tune your scopes. I'm firing back now. Next month I predict at least  5000th or a 1st place  finish and coming from the bottom where I find myself that will be a great accomplishment  for me. How will I do it? I picked up a few more pointers from a few of the greats.

   In closing its been a cool month, I played loose and fast. Mile A Minute. But just to see what everyone else was doing. You gotta build your notes up right? But a guy that finishes better then most every month said he'd give me three months and I should be a contender. This month don't count.. LOL Cause its Christmas and my daughters birthday is this month, So my mind hasn't been 100% poker. But I did learn a lot more. Seen where I can improve. And really this is nothing new to those that matter ( The ones I gotta beat. You all matter, but the ones I gotta beat know something we don't. And no its not that they know how to play cause anyone can play two good cards. ( What are good cards? Any cards) But I gotta stop chasin my cards and going out in 1000th place. There is no need to go all in in the first 5 minutes. The winner usually plays what 2 hrs. LOL Aight No more Mr. Nice Guy. The gloves are off. And Im grabbin my gun.. LOL Ill be in the parking lot in full body armor wit pocket aces makin my way to the tables. LOL LOL I know hell of guy. Merry Christmas I'll be black Bloggin In 2000 eleven I roll. Yes Black Bloggin. No TYPO!  Aww thats my problem I'm trying to roll eleven and this ain't craps... LOL  BUT as you well know the story goes on and eventually I will realize this isn't craps. Inna minute Mile A Minute Milez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!