Hey.............., Bah humbug ******************************************

    Holiday cheer my asterisk button got stuck for a second there OK there we go.LoLALB. But Whats great fellas and Ladies. I got besides myself and was sidetrack about what my Rank Me Out, Rake It In  blog is all about. Just because a guy thought the title was cool and he didn't think of it first, he's trying to come rain on my parade.. Coax out the demons we all try to keep bottled up. So I was weak, I gave in to temptation. But I'm Him! Mile A Minute and time don't move unless Mile A Minute circles the earth at these irate speeds... LOL I'm just kiddin..... But my point of this blog was for me to report my success and or faults in this league. I guess the fact that someone else pointed them out before I could assess the situation in its entirety...and..... made me feel as if was under attack. I don't  have flight mode just fight mode.... LOL But anyway forget that. Poker is still fun to me. Its my second month and I'm applying  a more tactical and really a logical strategy to finishing better then last month. Already off to a good start for my self convection so I know the outcome will be GgggggggggggRrrrrrrrrr ATE! OK Alright! Nay Sayer!, it will be something to blog about, what I'm talkin about? I'll blog about anything... LOL  So with that I'll see you at the final table.. Inna minute Mile A Minute Milez