Well Well Well if it isn't a nay sayer  in everything you do then you aren't doing much of anything at all are ya? LOL LOL 

 I find myself trailing substantially, but everyone thats anyone that knows someone checks out that leader board. They aren't ever looking at the ones on the bottom because they feel we aren't a threat. Well I have gone cold turkey and hell bent on getting off the bottom of the leader board and making my treacherous climb through the vast field of players to the top. From 8301 position I was at, that was making others remind me of my position and how bad it was is no more. I am now 2000th something. It feels like a little oriental lady massaging me... LOL No happy ending just put a lot of oil on my feet Kim Lee.. LOL I still have a tough road a head of me to catch the leaders. But guess what this story is going on before your eyes and I have climbed a good portion of the chart if I may say so myself. Thanks again 64Salsa and DLaviathan and the new comers that weighed in on my So You Still Talkin Blog. I trully am a humble man but when provoked what lion ain't gone come out his den maulin bitting a chunk out cho ask me no more questions. LOL So with that said the story is doing what the nay sayers don't want it to do. IT's GOING ON!!!! And just look at the directions of this fellas wins to looses..I'm..... coming...... like a long drawn out scary movie plot...lol Inna minute Mile  A Minute Milez!