Woooooooooo Wee sweet Little Baby Jesus With the bib and the booty's and the bonnet all snug and secure around Little Tiny Infant Jesus's HEAD! I wanna thank the three Poker Guru's because one who gives advice and or words of wisdom can claim that title. Don't seek out a degree in the area and say Mile A Minute said I'm certified and qualified. But yes I took the advice as I was reading your reply. And I aint play nothin but power... Pocket Aces back ta back....  it shot my Little stack to the question of "who's stack is that...? LOL but ok I put the strategy to use then I took the test. I failed the test before I finished reading the first sentence of  the test. I forgot the strategy and got greedy and go t restless and the waiting and the folding was too much. SiKe!!!!!!!!!!lol   I didn't steer away from it. I started reading more on that site... LOL  That was a great tool for me man. Thanks for the insight. I did change the direction of my rank and my finishes in the PSO Skill's Bout with the advice and the test. SO you already know the Story will go on.... And thanks again 64salsa and DLeviathan. That made me reevaluate my approach to the top of the leader board. And RcFainting keep painting mane. I took your advice too and now my only concern is beatin your score. And Im far from an idiot, I actually  just put the spot light onna  bunch of, how do I say it so its not too Mile A Minute Magnifique yeah  I said it. But I put the Spot Light On a Bunch Of  Hypocrites that wanna do exactly like the comment worth him taking the time to write said. They wanna put me on tilt because he thinks he's getting bad beats when really he's just calling to see what the flop brings. Matter of fact.. You're an idiot. You read my blog and came and said it was worthless.. LOL I aint read nobody blog.(and before I laugh about that out loud don't take it out of context guys i'll read blogs that interest me).. LOL >>>>>>>>Mile A Minute<<<<<<<<<<<<<<stop I have more creativity left over in a used ______- then your next 17 generations to come. Google me and now I'm only directing Kanye West towards you RCSwift the male "taylor swift"..(and if ya dont get that)... LOL Mile A Minute.