So I find myself 12 days into the month ranked in the 7000th percentile. Some of the players like, well I don't have to say your name cause you know who you are, but some of the players say I'm a dunk and that is why I am ranked this way. And I get lucky for the way I play "MY" cards. They say I should be embarrassed or feel bad about the rank. I am a man. A man shouldn't feel these things about himself. He should accept it and get better. As I will and i do, but will someone please weigh in and tell me what I'm doing wrong then. Because I thought this was poker... Bluff, call, raise, re-raise, fold and even re-bluff your blufff... LOL I have done that and it worked out and I showed the cards afterwards. But rank me out part four is more about my 30th place victory tonight in the PSO Skills Challenge. I dont think it was luck. And they can't take away the feeling of accomplishment. lol I folded and I called and folded again until the cards said WIN WIN WIN 30th place as opposed to well you see the record.  Daniel Negreanu might say I was lucky too if he thinks as some of the other rookies do. O he is not a rookie he is making this possible..... lol  but I would rather be lucky then to keep losing. So I tasted it again, the points. A 2nd place finish and a 30th place finish. Do I listen to the other players and play so they win. Fold when they don't want me to play my two cards all in before the flop SHUT UP. I'm going to play my cards. You beat em and you can call me what cha will. But I will play em and I might lose but guess what? The story will go on. So the story GOES! And for the record I don't watch all the tv series, I dont read the books, it took me three times to pass the core test.  Without rereading the course material. But another thing, I play the cards. I don't feel I need a book to see ace king win or ace ace win( or 2,9 off suit lol). But I do know that my game might improve, well it should improve if I do read the books and know what some of these other guys know, like when I shouldn't play 2,9 off suit. They say they have skills then I slap them skills in the FACE and they say I have no skill it was luck. BUT "I" played the cards "I" was dealt. "I" didn't fold "I" won the hand. So if luck is what it is. Then it is what it is. I shall be what it aint.... Confusing, don't worry about it,  Faget about it..... Black Soprano, You'll see me on the tables...Inna minute Mile A Minute will be El Mil'e Numeral Uno.. Que!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!