Why is it a game if I cant play to win. Someone said he went all in with pocket 2's and won the hand with quads. He should have folded to my aces. But if I'm playing to win and I believe that my luck and or skill and or calculations are correct. Why shouldn't I go all in, in No Limit. Especially when every body knows the song. So what exclude him from knowing when to run. I just say if you think your cards are going to win and they do a lot of the times then why not. But I am man, so some of the times can be the wrong time for anyone. So the reason for this blog is do I play like my opponent thinks I should, or play like I wanna play and let him play as he thinks he should. I know right? Confused me just typing it. Cause I already had an answer in mind before I typed this blog today.

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