Hi There,


I am Daniel, played poker on and off for the last 3-4 years, but never really took it serious. 


This is about to change !


I challenge myself to do it right this time, starting from the botton at NL5, and making my way up to NL200. 


I challenge myself to write this blog, let's me be accountable and helps me learn along the way. I will update weekly and also have videos in the way crazysheep has done it before, with his SNE challege series. Whatever happend to it?

Anyways, I have clear rules and will stick to them:

1. BRM: I will only move up if I have 50 buyins of the next limit. That means my first goal is to reach $500 for NL10. 

2. I will spend 10-15 hours a week playing poker, playing 4-6 tables right now, my goal is at least 5000 hands a week / 20k hands a month

3. I will put in the 80/20 rule, for every 4 hours I play, I will have 1 hour of studying the game.

4. I keep updating this blog weekly with stats showing and hands of the week videos etc. 

As I get more proficient in multi-tabling my numbers concerning hands will obviously go up. But my standard measure for this will be my $/hour on Holdem Manager. 


See you on Sunday for the weekly wrap up