I find myself shortstacked and looking at getting ante'd out soon with very little in the way of fold equity. So I push pre-flop with a decent hand, Q7 suited, get called , and lose to a flush that I didn't hit. I was ahead all the way to the river. Seems I'm getting short stacked early on by waiting until I get a level 5 or better hand to call with but the cards don't seem to show up.  If they do, then its someone going all in before me and the value of my cards drop so I fold.  The board shows me that I folded correctly and would have lost , but it seems like I cannot get the combination of cards and position I need to play a hand.  Which makes me fold constantly, which makes me a tight player. When I do have a hand and can play, if I raise everyone folds to the tight player. Which keeps me short stacked.  So I play looser hands and lose more than I win, which leads again to a short stack. Should I go to playing level 6 as my starting hands?  Limp in more often instead of the 4 bet that is recommended?  Loosen up by playing some of the non-starters regardless of position? Maybe I'm just on a downswing.