Another Donk move got me knocked out of todays 1 o'clock PSO freeroll. Playing against a table full of all in pre flop types, one in particular that called an all in post flop with an unpaired 58 off suit with no possible way to win. I watched this player lose that hand and half his chips. Then the next hand I was heads up with him and I was holding QQ. Board flops an Ace but I figure that he is probably holding 72 off or something because he had limped in and flat called my 6bb preflop raise. So I bet the pot, he shoves, and without a moments hesitation I called. He has 2 pair, A7, and I have 2 outs which of course did not show up. Sure, I could have checked when I saw the Ace and folded when he shoved. It would have been the right way to play. I have just not learned the patience part of this game yet, obviously. This is going to cost me in points. Better to lose the points now than the bracelet later on. I will learn this patience thing eventually. Maybe if I read my own blogs before I start another tournament I won't make the same stupid mistake.