Won a ticket to a second round in the Hubbles. Folded everything for 20 hands. In the big blind at 15/30 and I get pocket aces. Button goes all in. Has me covered. I call , he has AcKc and I figure I'm ahead. Board flops a king, turn flops another king. I'm out.  Couldn't fold pocket rockets pre flop early in the tournament. Did I make a mistake? Well, I'm out so I made a mistake somewhere.  Maybe if I had played those early hands that turned my folded 97 suited into a missed opportunity to win with a straight. If I had built up a chip lead early I might not have been short stacked and would still be playing after this bad beat. But loose players were going all in with junk early on, so that approach probably would not have worked. Should I have played marginal hands early on if I had position and the cost was cheap? Maybe, but I have been whittled down to desparation size stacks doing that. And maybe I'm just whining about another bad beat.