I just wanted to thank everyone at PSO. I started here in October of 2002 and it was not only my first online experience at poker, but the fist time I really ever played poker at all (which was shown by my 02 rating of 47% ) lol. I played here off and on and then in 2006 I gave up poker totally and until this last month did not play at all, not online, or live games. Last month I decided to give it a crack again ( I still wont play for real money unless I get sponshorship points ) and I had so much fun here before that I decided to give it another crack. Now I realize why I played here. Overall the people are great and not that I will ever meet most of you, but you make it fun. I normally play in the middle of the night eastern time and talk to many of the same players. People are more than willing to give advice and a few small rivalries have started (not bad rivalries, fun rivalries). I am much better now than I was in 2002 but look forward to learning more everyday. See you on the felt!