I'v often wondered how much of this game is skill and how much is natural ability.

you see i'm what is classed as a seriel reloader every month i have to top up my account but as im only a micro stakes player and i only put in about $30 a month for my enjoyment i don't really mind.iv read every article going about poker about premium hands playing position etc etc but i still have to reload.You read all these articles about top players who only every put $50 into there accounts and before you no it they've build up there bankroll to the point where there playing in the highest stake game possible but the funny thing is it's only on the interenet.I now play a fair bit of live play and im actually alot better at that.I recently went on a cruise holiday and played in 3 tourneys where i won every one (i know they attract alot of fish) infact it paid for the cruise.But the internet is a none starter so i was wondering how much of internet play is skill and how much is some kind of natural ability