Every since the PSO league started I have been donkeid none stop. This has really put a hurt on my rankings. I have been rather frustrated with the very bad plays by some players, such as all in 83 off and winning somehow.
Lately I have been sitting back and folding all hands, even hands such as AK just to let the donkeys beat each other up. This has been a very very good strategy. Even in the courses Daniel states that it is not worth fighting over the blinds when it is early on in the tourney.
Since I have been playing this way, sitting back for atleast 30-40 mins at the start of a tourney, I have been placing very well. In one day playing all tourneys that day I went up over 100 points, putting me in reach of the monthly money. I expect that it will not be the easiest to make the monthly money but this way seems to be a good way to do it. I make notes on as many players as possible to track the idiots.
If anyone knows of another strategy that helps avoid the donkeys I would love to hear from you.