A forced bet in Stud, which has to be placed by the player with the lowest opencard

How is possibly 50% of my tournament to finish that.

Every time in money play, I bet with10&8 on a flop all2 have2pair- still on turn same  when my opp put all in with 6&6 in last card comes 6from 2outs

I thing that the game haven't any skill or no more then 7_10% everything is LUCK 

More times I finish playing with more strong hand.

Pokerstarss place don't be unfair with player from poor country, 1:10 luck comes on me any ukrain and Russian player every time. That's very smilly. 


I start thinking that play firs software e then vs players.  Next time I will make deposit not here, a will give it to social poor children. Ty

I'm very interested if the poker softwa.. another card on a flop turn river When have a difernce of bet, call or betting how much the stakes are put on. This one is not real. Players like me who play from soon can see that difference of betting. What everyone can make when put all-in with second or third category sometimes and first, and other opponent win with 8&3 or the SAME.

Free roll use full site: 



  My Initial impression at the game is that need to teach all situation and then is good to play with more finances, in the beginning is good to play only to study the game software how work 

  r. Can make the same if you want to be a superstars.



. Very big advertsting.

That's the beauty of the sport. Have happy and have crying.

 on a 

In 100k free roll game. That's  winning make on 3bet all in fino a river. Nice that next-to I was in  the same winning. Manny terrible stars player pay cause have money without know  well the Sport 

    Question what the oopponent have.  Open streeflash


  Cause I play over 18ours in day, want to be more strong and <i>experienced.

<i>Is this а reason to lose more, or need to make me out of controlled.

                  Folks if start playing at soon make sure that the game can't be writing in book. 

                  ONLY Live game makeing stronger...


 would u try i will

 This one can call sport,

 This is very well choise for everyone why can't play on the ground

Finish with real money game, now only in free roll and that thing is right.

Can't loose 60$for only hour. Have 7_8 next hour

                      Will I take part in league 

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