Tum te tum te tum

I have now been playing on pokerstars for over a year and my results are pretty dismal. I just cant work out what it takes to be a winning player on the site.

No matter if i play like a lag  or a tag, adjust my strategy my results are still poor.

What i cannot understand is that for example over the past 2 days i played 12 other MTT,s on other sites and had 9 cashes and 1 final table (6th).

These sites in my opinion have good players, they also have a fair amount of spewey players. Though i seem to be able to run fairly consistently on them all.

On the four other sites that i have played, i have cashed out showing a healthy profit on my initial stake.

I mainly play MTT and SnG, not really interested in playing the cash tables,

I play between $2 upto $35, when i have a good win i step up into a much higher buyin. My strategy is win a few bucks then use it to enter bigger tournaments to get more experience.

Playing live i have had some reasonable cashes, buyins $150 which i have final tabled on several occassion (though never taken 1 down) and a $750 9 player tournament winner takes all which i was fortunate to win (the good old days).

Playing cash i get no enjoyment win or lose, MTT,s is definetly my preferred game with small stake SnG,s that give you the feeling and experience of final table play.

I thought i might have turned the corner on ps when i won a 180 SnG, but not the case.

Wonder if there is anybody out there that could give me coaching or any ideas on how to specifically improve my game on pokerstars.

Good luck to you all