HI All

I recently watched the 10 vids made by randy lew where he made it to the final table in a 1k buy in.

I would reccommend if you have not watched them do so as it gives a great insight into how a pro reads the ranges of the oppossition.

There is also one hand which randy folds to a  raise, which if he had called he would have decimated 2 players (see if you can spot it and think whether you would have called or folded).

I must say i was shouting for Randy to call, though he folded.

Anyway after watching the video series i spent hours re assessing my game plan looking at my previous tournament results ect, scoured other poker videos. Randy's play had inspired me.

I decided to go and play an event at a UKipt, then i changed my mind (bad decision) and decided to play some larger buy in tournaments online, with the inspiration that i took from Randy's vids.

Talk about been totally hammered, getting it all in with solid hands only to be continually killed by the river.

So i dropped back down to my normal buy ins - $10/25 mtts and $5 SnGs, hoping to at least get back to some winning ways.

Went from bad to really bad even having my quads beat, any way i am now hoping that my bad run will come to an end soon, got to say its the first bad run i have ever had - so at least that is something good.

Should have gone to UkIPT would have saved myself a small fortune.

Don't forget to take a look Randy Lew's vids they should inspire all players to look how they play and what improvements you can make to your own game. They did for me.

Good luck to you all at those tables