In the last 2 days i have taken a severe beating. I can't even win a 9 man sng with trips on the flop and i am holding AA.

So i have decided to take the whole of February off and not play a single game. I don't like freerolls so i will not play anything.

I cashed out several accounts in January and left a reasonable amount in 2 sites which has now disappeared.

Can't complain January was a good month.

I shall spend the month, reading poker articles and watching training videos.

My intention is to come back all guns blazing in March and play 200 tournamnets, 50 SNGs and $100 on a cash game.

I shall be looking for at least 20 final tables, 30 cashes, my aim is to win 10 sngs and turn my cash into $500

Will post my results at the end of march.

Good luck to you all.

Change of plan i have decided just to play in the PS league once a night,