So far this year i have lost circa $1,000 on PS, i am not complaing about the losing the money as it has come from other sites that i have won on.

I just cannot seem to win on PS, played the 100k, 31,788 players, finished 1,200, AA cracked by AKs who hit the flush, thats okay. that is my best result, out of around 200 tournaments.

I play five other sites plus live, on all the other sites i have had numerous final tables and won more than a dozen tournaments, played quite a few SnG $9 and have a good win rate.

I have played 40, $4.50/8 180 Sng and the results have been dismal, intresting though evry time i get it all in 99% i have the best hand pre flop/ and on the flop but still get caned.

Little example, raised 3bb with JJ, flop comes 9 6 2 rainbow, make a continuation bet, get called, turn 7, make a continuation bet, player shoves, i call as i know he has zip, turns over q3 off suit, hits the q, thats ok but whats he doing playing that hand from left of utg.

Anyway not to be defeated i shall be making a further deposit in the new year around $200 and i shall play a 1/3 , 180 SNG, 1/3 9 SnG and a 1/3 tournaments.

At sometime this losing nightmare will have to end, (perhaps not).

Finally a big thankyou to my five other sites and their players who all contributed to me being a winning player in 2013.