For now on when the eyes are heavy I will excluding myself for the day Id rather be awake the next day instead of waisting half my roll and then depositing 125 and dumping it like there sno tomorrow . Hints why I should of just waiting till today use the 125 to move up to the 1 20 levels but nope I had to be stupid and try n go for the quick money lesson learned folks if tiered when you wake up exclude yourself from stars so you are not tempted to play read a book watch x box but  still think poker about how you can approach the game tomorrow im hoping to get back in the double digits tomorrow in my bankroll. Also for multi tabling I have come up with a new concept start the day with one table . Then as you progress if you cash move to 2 tables and etc then the next day start the same try it out and let mek now how it works. Multi tabling is not for everyone but that is just a thing should try .

GOod luck on the felt
BR 6.83
Started 5 65