I was thinking the past few days about life and poker. Had a rought last few days at work and was thinking I Would rather have a long bad day of cards then going to a long bad day at work . So what I was thinkin I will be treating poker like a Job  . Will play 5 out of 7 days a week give myself 2 days off n on those 2 days all be Reading poker books and or going thru Hand Historys to see how i could of played that hand better. I have marked on my calander when I have started this challange It will take me about 3-5 years to reach my goal. After seeing my brothers get there univeristy ring and me not being a school kinda guy . My univeristy ring will when I get my first WSOP braclet Or A Poker Title. I wil be  starting at the 25 cent 45 mans then when I get up to about $120 do 9 mans then get to 140 18 mans and etc . Making all my Stats ROI Positive I do have skype and msn feel free to add me if you think there is anyway you can help my game MikeGunn56@skype.com MikeGunn56@hotmail.com . So feel free to say hi if I do not say hi it is because im multi tabling and can not see chat all see you all on the virtual felt and in the future in live events . Hope you all enjoyed this short read all be updating it every 2-3 day and keeping track of my bankroll on here .

Current BankRoll --  $5.65
Status Bronze Star

Good luck on the felt n virtual felt fellow poker players ....