Well it is nearly the end of the month so wanted to get my blog in so I could enter the time vault challenge. I put a bit of a bio on the thread type place, didn;t get any comments so guess I shouldn't have said I was a grandmother lol. I'm not a bit computer savy ( I can turn it on and off and bring up pokerstars) so don't know if I can figure out how to put replays of hands on my thread or not but I will try. Surely the grandkids must know how.

     Anyway I'm kind of excited about this challenge and hope I can make a few dollars to pay for my camping trip in the summer. I have a question and I guess the answer is obvious but last night for example I played a MTT a little short of a hundred players ( skill league qualifyer) and I have never seen so many bad hands! I never had any aces, pairs even suited coneectors. I just held on through the whole tourney. once I was down to 400 chips. I finally got some decent hands about bubble time and made it to fifth place.

   What do other peop;e do in a situation like that? Just wait till you're in position and play anything, bluff, go get a strong drink? Let me know what you think, good luck all    granny