I' ve been playing on line for about a year now. I started playing on fulltilt and seemed quite successful in a small way to start. Took all the challenges and watched all the instructional videos. When it shut down I came to pokerstars and again have done all the instructional quizzes and even bought a book.

I only play micro stakes and in the womens league so haven't invested a lot. Still it is a great feeling to know you won by making the right calls and raises and not just dumb luck or buying the hands as many do playing bully poker. What I can't get past is beating myself (BM). Time and again I will make the dumbest calls or raises. I don't know if it is because I have waited so patiently for a playable hand on the cash tables and feel because it is a strong starting hand some miracle card will appear or just got tired of watching people go all in and win on a pair of fours.

I don't think I can ever be successful if I can't curb this terrible affliction. So my advice to those just starting out is never mind the BBs watch out for the BMs