Just watched this video on facebook of the million dollar buy in where Drinan has AA and comes up against AA from buisness man and total cocky pain the the ass Katz....this is possibly the most cringe worthy bad beat i have ever seen in my life  (still going to add a LOL)  LOL....insane raises and to think these guys both bought in for a cool million.

When i watched this i could not believe the luck Katz had...unbelieveable...had i been Drinan i would have melted down like a hot knife through butter, possibly shedding a few tears before having a bi polar episode!! I  mean come on....how unlucky do you get when you see the cards and think "phew ..ahh well no kk vs my aces so least it will be a split pot...oh wait 2 hearts on the flop...hmmm...nah couldnt happen anyways...i would have to be unluckier than Richie Cunningham on Blueberry Hill...shit another heart....holy crap this is not good for the old angina...dont you dare you son of a.....he did he acually hit the ******...."  ...follwed with more expleteives...dont believe me....enjoy!!


Worst bad beat ever....LOL no shit!!