Ok I'll be the first to tell you I didn't do very good at all in July (6573out of 6716). But I played a lot. 43 times all together. Think I know what went wrong. Frist I have be playing up to five tables at a time an no less then two. I think this is one of the big things that made July so bad. If I want to look hard at the numbers for August. I need to play the PSO Skill. An only the PSO Skill. Only that table. I think thats one of the things people do alot of. Playing so many tables that there game gets lost. Second I read the page for the points system. An it said the players in the field with more points, the better points for the place you end up. The harder the field the more points you get. So I think I will start to play this month on the sixth or seventh day. An will look at the top 100 an see which one of the tournament is played the most by them. I want to get better and I think this will help my game. An I hope I have gave you some food for thought. Good luck and skill to you all. As long as your on the other table ; )