Hi all

It’s that time again. Feb has been a difficult month. I was working on a show in London so that took a whole week out of my poker playing. Saying that I did managed to play 3142 cash hands with a small loss (-1.69 BB/100). This was due to 50% bad play and 50% variance. You may look at this and say that is not that much and it isn’t, up until the last day I was doing a lot worse than this. I managed to get back the majority of my losses on the last session of the month. In Feb I also hit another millstone, I have now played 10,000 hands since I started to use a HUD to track my play. Because of this I thought it would be a good idea not just to post my month stats but my stats for the past 10,000 hands too.

VPIP: 12.1
PFR: 8.4 (I feel this is a bit low)
3B: 3.2
F3B: 52.9
AF: 1.61
CB: 73
Steals: 32.6

10,132 Hands
VPIP: 12.3
PFR: 8.8
3B: 2.9
F3B: 63.1
AF: 2.52
CB: 72.5
Steals: 33.4

I would be very interested in any feedback on the above stats.

Although I couldn’t play for a week I still managed to hit 20 VPP’s. As well as the cash I decided to have another go at the open league. I was very pleased with my performance. I only managed to play 18 tournaments but still got awarded $2.50 and had 2 very good placing’s 95th and 42nd. The funny thing I found was whenever I started a tournament in the knowledge that I had to go out in the next 2-3 hours (I would normally be out within an hour and a half) I would run deep. But all the same I’m happy. I plan to play again this month, the goal is to try and play 27 tournaments, I know this won’t get me much higher on the leader board but it is a start.

I got down to my local casino twice in Feb again with not cash but I enjoy playing live even if I’m not that good at it!!! I have found out about another live tournament locally to me and plan on checking it out this week so I will let you know how I get on in next month’s update.

But for now good luck at the tables