Hi all

I have finally had some time to sit down and have a look at my poker playing for the first 4 weeks of the New Year.

I trust you are all well and have had a good start to your 2014 goals in poker and life. Myself, I have been a bit bad this year and haven’t set any goals but that is something I’m thinking about.

So to my playing for the month, I played 2,551 hands at 2NL cash, ended the month with a win rate of 12.6 BB/100, witch I’m really happy with. Saying that the start of the month was a bit disappointing. I started with my fist down swing that tested my mental game, it lasted for about 750 hands and I was down about 1.5 buy ins. I know this is a very small down swing and I can expect bigger but when you look at it in relevance to the number of hands I play and the size of my bank roll it is still frustrating. At the end of the day as long as you learn from it you will come out a better player. Towards the end of the month I did start to add a second table and like I did back in November, I monitored the time I played on 2 tables starting at 30 mins and increasing every time I played by 10 mins. By the end of the month I was playing 2 tables comfortably for 2 hours. In all I’m happy with my performance in the cash games.

As I said in my last post I had started to play in the $0.10 turbo tournaments. I played 4 of these in total and cashed in one of them but only min cashed. I had think about this and thought that it would be better for me to start in SNG. I know there is a good course here on PSO and I have started to work through it but I have all ways been one for videos, so I had a look at the content on PSO and found a lesion from Andy "ahar010" entitled Building Blocks #1. I found this video very interesting and tried some of the $0.25 45 and 90 man SNG’s but didn’t do very well. I figered that I was still trying to run before I could walk so had a look at the 9 handed SNG on the sit. Now the problem I had with these is that the cheapest I could find was $3.50 and if I follow good bank role management I need to have 30 bye ins which is $105 and I don’t have that! And as I said before I don’t want to deposit so on to plan B keep playing to cash till I get there. It wasn’t till later in the moth I thought I would have a look at PS sister site Full Tilt (for those that have seen my fist post this is where I started). I found that they have SNG’s for $0.50 and they have a chance to will a ticket it you win a SNG for 15 FTP’s, has I had some form when I used to play on FT so I hit the tables won a handful of tickets and went on to play the really money SNG’s. I started off running well but on 30th I played 12 SNG’s and only cashed one of them, putting my mental game to the test again.

Now as for live play. I played 2 free roles and still no cash. In one I had to rebuy for the first time and the other I had the most annoying had I have had so far. It’s the first hand I’m on the button and I have KQo there where 5 limpers including the player in the CO I decided to limp too and the small bling folds and thee big checks. The flop comes out 37Kr. It’s checked round to the CO and they bet (I can’t remember the amounts). I call, I don’t believe that they have AA, KK or AK if they did they would have raised PF so I call and every one folds. The tern was Q the best card for me. The CO bet again, I considered a re rise but thought that if I called it opens up of a river bet so I called. The river was a blank and this time the CO checks. By this time in so shore in ahead I decided to bet. It’s called and the CO turned over KK and my hart snack.

Well that’s the roundup of my poker for last month hope to see you at the tables soon