Hi again all

With work, life and that thing we call Christmas I haven’t played much poker. I didn’t get to the casino at all in December and only played just over 1000 hands in cash. The plan for December was as I made 20 VPP points in November I was going to play the open league. This dint work so well as I got frustrated with the games early on and decided not to play them through the month instead I had a go at the $0.10 $50.00 added turbo tourneys. I played 12 and min cashed in 3, which I was happy with.

It wasn’t something that happened at the tables that had the biggest effect on me in December. Something that no one knows about me in the PSO community is that I’m involved in theatre and me and a friend where auditioning for a local ammeter production of Grease. My friend was auditioning for the part of Cha Cha, she is amazing dancer and singer but she started to panic and started asking what if?

What if everyone is younger? (She is 42)
What if they are better dancers?

At this point as a friend to try and get her on track I just said to her “don’t stress over what you can’t control” “just concentrate on giving the best audition you can” “as long as you are happy you did the best you could”. She looked surprised and asked where did that come from? I replied with Poker!!
This is something that I have heard but it never really sunk in till that day and it shows that it’s not something just for poker but for everything we face in life.

So something for you to think about at the start of the year.

Don’t stress about things you can’t control.

Happy New Year to all and hope you have a successful 2014


BTW if you are interested my friend got the part she was going for and I didn’t get in the cast at all but Ha Ho.